How to Become a B2B Sales Success – 3 tips on transforming your career into B2B Sales & Business Excellence

How to become a B2B sales success?

Young talents joining Management Events share the same career goal: to learn what it takes to become a success in B2B Sales. Back in January 2021, Gregor Tann, our Sales Manager in Germany, was also looking for this.

In just over a year, Gregor has reached many professional milestones, and is now a Sales Manager responsible for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 

How did Gregor find his way to Management Events, and what are some of the things he has learned along the way

Gregor’s journey from the fashion industry to B2B sales success

Before joining Management Events, Gregor worked in the fashion and e-commerce industry for 13 years.

In January 2021, he was ready to turn a new leaf in his career and move into a completely different industry.

“I had some experience in B2C & B2B sales, and I was driven to deepen my knowledge of B2B sales. I wanted to learn how to pitch, convince clients and become successful in sales,” Gregor explains.

Despite sending his application to many other companies, Gregor felt drawn to the ambitious B2B sales environment and attitude he saw at Management Events.

Gregor says that he didn’t have to go any further than the job interview to become impressed by our sales culture.

“The energy and the vibe during the interview were clearly different than my experiences with other companies. It was open, more natural; more personal, and not so generic. The interviewers literally “closed” me very well, just as we do it in sales at Management Events,” Gregor laughs.

It took just over a year for Gregor to prove his talent, and skills in B2B sales. 

What advice would he give to others who want to transform their career into B2B Sales & Business Excellence?

Gregor’s 3 tips for transforming your career into B2B Sales & Business Excellence

Tip #1 Always Listen Carefully

“When you are giving a sales pitch and discussing with the client, it is very important to listen carefully. When you listen more than you talk, you learn things that help you to seal the deal”, Gregor says.

Listening isn’t just about listening to the customer talk at the sales meeting. Gregor also emphasizes good preparation, getting to know the client before meeting them. Before pitching, he does a thorough background check of the company.

“I always ask a lot of questions to get to know the client well enough to identify their pain points. This is crucial since our goal is to help our clients in the best possible way,” he says.

It is not just Gregor who pays attention and listens. He feels that Management Events also listens to him.

“As a Sales Manager, I can concentrate on my core tasks. There is no obligation to participate in projects if I don’t want to,” he says. 

Gregor feels appreciated at Management Events because his wishes are heard, his opinions are valued, and his decisions are respected. 

Gregor feels appreciated at Management Events because his wishes are heard, his opinions are valued, and his decisions are respected. That same feeling of being heard and appreciated is what he also aims to convey when he is interacting with his clients.

And it is achieved when he follows his own advice: always listen carefully.

Tip #2 Try to Be Yourself

“You should always give your sales pitch a touch of your personality,” Gregor suggests. “You will never sell if you are trying to be someone else.” What does he mean by this?

Imagine this scenario. You are in a bike shop, and you want to buy a bike. Two different sellers approach you with the intention of selling you the same bike.

The first seller gives you the basic facts about the bike. The price, the features, and the main functionalities. Maybe they answer a couple of your questions. Then they leave you to make your decision.

The second seller starts by telling you a story about how they have the same bike. They describe how the bike feels in action, what they find are the best functionalities and what kind of adventures they have had riding the bike. You laugh, feel a connection, and share some of your own biking experiences.

Which seller is more likely to close the deal with you? 

“The biggest sales I have closed, I let my personality and interests shine through” – Gregor Tann, Sales Manager

Tip #3 Never Stop Being Curious

Gregor’s last piece of advice is the most important to him personally.

“Try out new things, and always be evolving,” he says thoughtfully.

This advice applies to life in general; true progress happens when you leave your comfort zone and try out new things.

“You can always become better and learn more. Even when you think you nailed something and feel that it is perfect, it is not. There is always room for improvement. And you will improve when you stay curious,” Gregor explains. 

“Nearly everything I know about becoming a B2B sales success, I have learned here at Management Events” – Gregor Tann

Curiosity and eagerness to learn more are core values of Management Events’ culture. Everyone here is growth-oriented and always looking for opportunities to evolve.

According to Gregor, his onboarding training at the beginning of his Management Events career was very well thought through and exceptionally well executed. And the opportunities to learn didn’t finish when the onboarding ended.

“Nearly everything I know about becoming a B2B sales success, I have learned here at Management Events. I truly believe everything you need to know about B2B sales, you can learn here,” Gregor says. 

Connect with Gregor on LinkedIn and ask about working at Management Events.

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