A Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes of #MEfamily

A leading international B2B events organizer operating in 15 markets globally” – just like any other company, we have a face we present to the world. Our clients, partners, vendors know us as professional, reliable, and customer-oriented.  

But that’s on the outside. It’s our face. We also have our heart and soul – and this is our people. 

As we approach the dates for our next annual Company Kick-Off in Billnäs, we realized that it’s time we opened up, showed ourselves to the world and let everyone see the life that we have outside of conference halls and meeting rooms. 

So, what is the #MEfamily all about? In short, we’re all about working hard and playing harder. 

But that’s a bit too short.  

As clichéd as it may sound, we do love our company, and we’re going to dig into the core of it to let you understand a bit about what our culture is like, our core values, what we actually do, and of course, our annual Billnäs Kick-Off that all of us are always looking forward to. 

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Back To The Roots 

It all started in 1994 when our Founder and Chairman Olli Muurainen had the idea to offer the best matchmaking solutions to the biggest and most influential companies in Europe and Asia. 

But…. What does that mean exactly? 

Well, we create a ton of specialized industry/B2B events where key decision-makers from TOP 500 companies get to have face-to-face meetings with solution providers, establish professional relationships and new contracts. That is our idea of perfect business matchmaking. 

Our goal is to give top-level executives their most efficient working day of the year by networking with the right solution providers. We aim to inspire visionaries by creating special experiences and connections. 

Just like other great companies before us, we came to believe in a set of core values that pushes our people to be awesome!  

These core values are echoed throughout our company and help us create a first-class product and foster an amazing working culture. Whatever we do, we make sure these values are the foundation for our actions: 

  • Passion For Customers – because we genuinely care about their success, mood, experience at our event and even about their sick cat. 
  • Clarity & Responsibility – we all know what we are doing and where we are moving as a company, and understand everyone’s contribution towards the common goal. There are no unimportant people in the team, we are all part of the success. 
  • Embrace The New – New is the big thing for us! We love experimenting, growing, shifting! We work with some of the biggest innovators and disruptors in the world, and happily learn from them! 
  • Winning Together – each and every success, big or small, we celebrate together. We celebrate it by having drinks on Fridays, going to Dubai for a yacht party, skiing in the Alps or masquerading in Billnäs – the world of opportunities is ours😉  

No better place than… 

Billnäs ! That’s where our annual Company Kick-Off happens. It’s a yearly event that we believe strongly represents our culture as a company.  

Here, we hear our Chairman (Olli Muurainen) and CEO (Jenni Tolonen) present about financial updates, how we and our products have evolved, and our vision/targets/goals for the year ahead. Keeping true to our value of “Clarity and Responsibility” 

We learn a lot at Billnäs as well. We invite external trainers/keynote speakers to talk on different topics such as leadership and motivation and then we train each other as well. This helps us grow our “Passion for Customers” and encourages us to “Embrace the New”. 

We find that the best way to unite the team is to have a ton of games and competitions. Plus, it gives a chance for our people to show “who’s the boss”!  

And as the lights go out, we dress up for the Awards Ceremony and Masquerade. This is where our best performers, achievers, teams, and team leaders are recognized and rewarded. It’s “Winning Together” at its best! And every year, we do a different theme (Disney characters, Love Parade, Country national colors and many more) to add festivity to the events and the afterparty! We can talk about Billnas for hours, but it is always better to see once than to hear about it a thousand times – yes, we do have a video from our last year’s Kick-Off! 

Why All the Hassle? 

One of the perks of working in an international company would be to make international friends. But in most cases, you don’t get to meet your colleagues from other parts of the world in any way. Except for maybe emails or Skype meetings at best.  

Setting up Billnäs, that is exactly what we had in mind – to create a real community where people from different parts of the world don’t only work under the same brand, they also really get to know each other.  

We meet in Billnäs, celebrate our colleagues who worked the hardest (smashing through KPIs, bringing in huge sales, all that good stuff!) and give them the recognition they deserve in a 3-day team building and party event!  We play games, go for quests, learn from our best and party together. But most importantly – we actually see each other and get to establish that special bond that people can only have after meeting face-to-face and sharing a great experience together.  

Bottom line: Here at Management Events, we work hard and play harder because of the special bond we all share! Head over to our career page if you’re ready to kickstart your career at Management Events. 

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