How part-time jobs helped fresh graduate Juulia to recognize her ideal career path in B2B sales

What would happen if you said yes to an opportunity, you would normally turn down? 

Our Sales Team Manager Juulia Ruuskanen did. 

A few years ago, Juulia was finishing her business studies degree at university and the obvious questions hung over her: where do I go from here? What is the plan for my future career? 

Like many of her peers, Juulia worked part-time while at university to help pay the bills. 

Part-time jobs allowed her to learn something vital about herself: 

  1. Social encounters and the ability to inspire customers to look and feel good gave her a boost.
  2. Working in an office job with little social contacts made her feel out of place.

Juulia’s part-time jobs revealed her ideal career direction

Juulia’s part-time work experiences had given her a wonderful opportunity to recognize the right direction to go with her career.

She started to look out for jobs and employers offering her two things: the social aspect she thrived on, and opportunities to help customers get their problems solved.

Juulia could envision herself living a good life at Management Events

Management Events caught Juulia’s eye on social media. 

This seemed like a company that would offer plenty of social interaction, and they were serious about solving customer challenges with their unique event offering.

What’s more, she could see herself among all the people she saw in those photos and videos, living their best lives at work and outside work.

After digging deeper and learning more about Management Events’ culture, Juulia was sold.  

It seemed obvious that this company was serious about maintaining a culture of working together and having fun while aiming for the highest goals.

Curiosity helped Juulia overcome her uncertainty about the unfamiliar world of B2B Sales

Juulia discovered Management Events to be operating in a business-to-business (B2B) market, selling networking opportunities to business executives and decision makers.

Like most young people, Juulia wasn’t familiar with B2B sales and therefore had never even considered a career in B2B sales. 

But she was curious to find out more, so she decided to apply for a Sales Manager job at Management Events.


After stepping outside of her comfort zone, Juulia has experienced exceptional growth at Management Events

Three years later, she now manages her own customer account portfolio and leads a team of five Sales Managers. 

Management Events is quick to offer promotions to employees early on in their career if they show ambition and take responsibility well.

Let’s bear in mind that with Juulia this happened during the worst years of COVID-19, and the networking industry was among those badly hit by the pandemic. 

Taking on such a responsibility of clients, more ambitious sales targets and the overseeing five people’s happiness at work during these quite stressful times didn’t scare Juulia off. Quite the contrary. 

Like most people at Management Events, Juulia isn’t shy of pushing past her comfort zones. 

Juulia discovered she really wanted professional growth and to develop as a salesperson, and Management Events has been able to offer her these.


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